What I Am Loving Right Now!

Here are some of my FAVORITE THINGS that I am loving right now!

My favorites are always changing because I am ALWAYS trying new things… seriously… it’s a problem. I think I have $500 worth of items in my amazon cart because I am constantly adding new things that I come across, until I get that lovely teacher salary to buy a couple of items!

On that teacher salary note… I greatly appreciate if you choose to buy through these links however, you absolutely do not have to as I just enjoy sharing!

Garden of Life Protein Powder

Like my pure pump this is something I always go back to. I cheat on it a little to see if there is something more exciting or better,  but then I always come back! It’s plant based! My stomach just does soon much better with plant protein compared to whey. Just a personal preference!  

The Healing Art of Essential Oils

Kind of getting into essential oils right now and this book is awesome! Right now I am loving my lavender essential oil before bed. I feel it completely relaxes me and I always feel I get such a deep sleep when I have it in my diffuser before bed. Which brings me to item number 2…


I LOVE my diffuser and have it on pretty much everyday. This is the one that I have one, however, I have seen some pretty fancy nice ones at Whole Foods.

Orange Theory

Image result for orange theory

Now there’s no link to an actual product but I provided a link to the website. If you are looking for a workout class that is going to kick your a$$… do this! The first class is free! It’s a combination between strength training and HIIT. It’s perfect for any age because you can customize it to what you are comfortable with and move at your own pace with weights. For example, if you don’t want to run during the 1 minute push… then you can walk. No matter what you choose, you’ll burn a TON OF CALORIES! I also love it cause it is a quick workout that you can get and get out! I always schedule my class when I have a busy day cause I know I’ll get an amazing workout without hanging our the gym for too long.  I can’t it justice describing it, but find a studio near you and go check it out and then let me know what you think!

Mason Jars 

These are great in the morning for your smoothies. Pour it in a mason jar and throw a lid on it! Mason jar’s are just cheaper than those water bottles and their glass so you get a cheap glass jug for your smoothie!


So this is not something I am using right now, but I plan to go back to it after I finish up the one I am using right now. Right now I have been using Garden of Life Pre Workout  however, I feel like it’s upsetting my stomach after I take it. So I am going back to PurePump. I always stray away and I always come back! It’s just like when you’re in high school and you keep going back to the “bad boy.”

I am not a coffee drinker however, I love my Tea’s! I just like PurePump because it’s the cleanest pre-workout I have found (let me know if anyone knows of any other clean pre-workouts! I would be happy to try it!) that gives me that boost but no crash or jittery crazy feeling! It’s not flavored just a FYI. I usually just add a squirt of lemon or you can even get those water flavor pods to add some flavor. ANYWHO this pre-workout is on point!