Favorite Books

The first health related book I ever read was The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder. That was six years ago. Since then I have been growing my little health book library 🙂 I have read books about Paleo, Vegan, Chinese Medicine, Fertility, Chinese Medicine and more! Here are my top five favorite books. This is going to be hard to narrow it down!

  1. Taking Charge of Your Fertility

I came across this book while listening to a podcast (more about that podcast later) and it has blown my mind! (insert mind blown emoji). I would like to know where all this information was when I was in High School?! I think out of everything I have come across thus far in my health craziness this has been the most influential, enlightening, educational, among many other words! I think every girl needs to read this and I am quit upset that I am now only learning about all of this information at the age of 29! I mean there’s plenty that I did know but not to this extent! Or maybe I’ve lived under a rock? Even though the title might lead you think it’s all about fertility, it’s about so much more! It’s about learning how that lovely “dot” that we all as women have in common works and how you can use it as birth control and even as a sign of health. Pair this book with the Fertility Friday podcast and it could be life changing.

2. How Not to Die

Although this book is kind of an oxymoron I found it very interesting and intriguing! It talks about heart disease, lung disease, brain disease, cancers, infections and the list goes on.  It’s written by a doctor and the information is backed by scientific evidence that supports a plant based diet. Now, if I have learned anything through my interest in health is that everything seems to have scientific evidence and studies behind it. So as with everything, I take it with a grain of salt and decide for myself. In the end you have to do what makes you feel good and gives you the best health results. Some people thrive on a Paleo diet, while others thrive on a Vegan diet and then there is everything in between. However, this book definitely motivates you to bring on the veggies! No matter what food philosophy you follow I think most of us can agree that fruits and vegetables are healthy and this is a great book that tells you why! He also just recently came out with a How Not to Die Cookbook

Dr. Michael Greger, also has a a great website, podcast and YouTube channel. The podcasts are great because they’re short and to the point. However, I tend to loose him sometimes as he speaks very scientific.

3. The Universe Has Your Back

If there are any spirit junkies or want-a-bes out there this is the book for you! I listened to this book on audio during my commute to and from work and I have since listened to it an additional three times and I will probably listen to it another three times! When I first started listening to it I felt it was a little bit out there as she is a spirit junkie 🙂 However, I loved the positive mind shift and how it helps you to take a step back  sometimes and let the universe guide you (it’s a nice thought!). While I am still working on my sign with the universe 😉 I love the idea of it! She also gave up sugar which is #mygoalinlife.  This book always puts me in a positive mindset and gives you a little bit of faith when things are not going the way you want which is #life. You can check out her website here. She also has a podcast (seems like everyone is jumping on the podcast bandwagon and I’m not complaining!)

4. The Food Babe Way

This book is good for beginners. This is another book I’ve read more than once. It gives you the information you need to know what to look for in ingredients and why you don’t want all those ingredient you can’t pronounce in your food! I’ll read this when I start to get a little lazy in my food choices and it gives me a nice refresher to why I you want to stick to ingredient lists with the least amount of ingredients on them. If you’re buying beans for example,  you want the ingredients to be “beans.” Not beans with a list of five other ingredients. You can check out her website here!

5. I’m going to leave number five as to be determined for right now because there is not a book that is necessarily sticking out. However, I’ll leave some below that I have read and enjoyed. With many of these books, I’ll read them and I don’t always agree with everything they say. For example, “Medical Medium” is definitely out there, however, I took away the recommendation of incorporating celery juice. I feel there is always something you can learn or might find useful!




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Has anyone else read any books they would recommend?!