The dreaded “About Me” page!

Let’s see…I am a Special Education Teacher who loves her job 🙂 I am currently two classes away from receiving my Masters in Special Ed! Woohoo! The cutie standing next to me is my boyfriend. He’s a body builder 🙂 We are both very much into fitness!

I was born in Oslo, Norway in 1988 (giving away my age). My health journey started when we moved to the United States at the age of 10. My mom started working for a Chiropractor. Although I didn’t know it at the time, as I struggled guzzling down a mixture of garlic and onion “tea” (she had the nerve to call it tea) to treat my 102 fever, the health seed had been planted.

Life is a journey and things come and go. While my health has done a complete 180, I continue to educate myself and try whatever is out there! I have been to a doctor, allergist, chiropractor, and most recently started seeing an acupuncturist. Hypnotist is next! I am not a creature of habit and therefore I am always trying something new. My current goal is to cut out my long term addiction to sugar (I am not kidding, it’s an addiction for me). So we will see what happens! Check out my candida story here.

If I’ve learned anything being in my 20’s (soon to be early 30’s, sniff sniff) is that everyone is different and different things work for different people! Paleo works for some, while being being vegan works for others. Do whatever makes you feel good and what works for you! This blog is my experience and journey in everything health and fitness related, in hopes that you might be able to take something away. To be completely honest, I just get really excited when I find something I love and can then share it with others.

I am always down to try something new! So please feel free to share!

Enjoy 🙂

P.S. You won’t see many pictures of me, as I am a lot better at taking pictures of things, than taking pictures of myself. The proof is below.

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